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Building regulations are a set of standards developed by the UK government in order to ensure the health and safety of the inhabitants as well as energy conservation while offering higher standards of living to the people including those with disabilities. The Government has produced Approved Documents with guidance and ways of achieving  compliance. We can help you get Building regulations approval by producing a set of relevant Building regulations drawings and detail drawings, which can be either submitted to the local Authorities or the private Approved Inspectors. Approval before the construction means dealing with the potential troubles along the way, thus completing the project within time and budget. The structural calculations is a mandatory part of Building regulations approved documents part A. It is a set of drawings and report produced by a structural engineer. We have collaborated with highly experienced structural engineer who can produce structural calculations drawings and reports, so that you do not have to worry about the documented aspects of the construction. Following the submission of the Building Regulations drawings and specifications, we will ensure that you and the builder know the process. We know from our experience of hundreds of projects that there are unforeseen challenges on-site and you might need amendments on the drawings, more specifications etc. We’re here to support you all the way to the end of your journey till you get the Completion Certificate from the council when the project is completely done. We’ve successfully completed more than 600 projects in the UK. Please scroll through some of our projects below:

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